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About my blog

Iit is my intent that Monday through Thursday I will highlight an author of the day, then do a follow up on Friday of all authors again. Then every 6 months I will do a second follow up, including any new books out by said author, projects they may be working or updates they may have to offer. Plus, if there are any new giveaways they are offering.  Please, follow and like my blog, so that the authors know I am a valuable resource for them!


About Me

                                                                                                                        I am Aisha Hashmi, Mother ages 22, 20 and 19. I am aged 46, I have been married since I was 15 and a half, about to celebrate my 30th year, on June 10th! My Husband is from Pakistan, and when not taking care of my family and home, we travel overseas. I love to read and support authors, in the hopes of getting the word out about the amazing work they write! I am an ARC, (Advanced Copy Reader,) for over 70 authors. I have the hopes of one day writing my OWN book... The ideas are there but the struggle is real. I will be including a diverse selection of genres, please support the author by at least clicking on the link and show them some love. IF you have read a book of theirs in the past, maybe now is time to go do that long forgotten about review, Hmm? I will be posting this blog to several places, see the social media box to find all locations!